TIT, the shining star of the 127th online Canton fair


On June 15th, the 127th Online Canton fair was grandly opened. As an experienced and frequent customer of the traditional Canton fair, Guangzhou Textiles Industry and Trade Holdings Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as TIT), by using digital technologies like 3D modeling and VR, and uploading more than 2,400 products and 10,000 pictures to bring the exhibition hall online, actively adapted to the new situation. Moreover, we had built 9 professional live broadcast rooms in 3 major venues, and total of more than 200 live broadcasts have broadcasted in turns throughout the day.
One of the professional apparel retailer from the United States named SUL closed a deal of women’s jeans with us, since it had already expressed great interest in our new season denim products, as well as comprehensive R&D and supply capabilities before. On June 18th, both parties were invited to participate in the Cloud Signing activity of the Canton fair regarding to the deal.
The live broadcast of our group was actively reported by mainstream medias such as CCTV News, GDTV, Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, Nanfang Daily etc.
During the period of online Canton fair, TIT group, as a representative enterprise of the Guangdong Hong Kong Bay Area, participated in the 136th epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production press conference held by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government with the theme of Great Bay Area Power in the Canton Fair .
At the same time, relying on the R&D technology of internal, TIT group have independently built an online platform named TIT online Exhibition (website: http://chefsbrasil.com/show/), which was also successfully launched during the Canton Fair. We aim to offer an online platform that will never end and provide our domestic and foreign merchants a quality service.
Written by XUE Linlu


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